Barbecue Grills

FireMagic Premium Grills

Hood Design and Construction

Hood White.jpgFunctionally designed, this hood is engineered to reflect heat while allowing use of the entire cooking surface. It creates a natural convection effect, cooking the food evenly, providing the utmost in versatility, permitting the biggest and best in rotisserie cooking and allowing for indirect cooking.

Along with the perfectly placed pivot hinge system, this roll top style hood provides the best in cooking and cooking control. Cook with the hood closed or open. When the hood is open, more than 50% of the grilling space is still covered. This position design helps circulate the heat. Large internal clearances allow you to cook more food and rotisserie cook larger items up to 15" diameter. When the hood is closed, your Fire Magic Barbecue cooks like an oven, allowing a full range of outdoor cooking.

Double-walled construction, this beautiful all stainless steel hood sports attractive heavy-duty shoulders. An ergonomically designed handle and pivot hinge system make it easy to open and shut. Silicone bumpers on the lid ensure a quiet close.

The Best Rotisserie Backburner on the Market

Rotiss White.jpgThis infra-red convection backburner, with a perforated radiant surface made of Type 310 stainless steel, provides fast, thorough rotisserie cooking. It withstands repeated red hot temperatures, is not susceptible to breakage or clogging, and is self-cleaning.

A slim profile allows the most grilling and rotisserie space. Use our backburners with or without bottom burners to suit your taste. This is the widest backburner available. No grill cooks a bigger bird! When only grilling, a backburner cover keeps grease away.

Fire Magic backburner units come fully assembled.

A heavy-duty rotisserie kit is included with the backburner along with a high-powered motor, large spit rod, perfectly engineered counter balance, and two 4-prong meat holders. Accessories include the ideal chicken and turkey holders and fish/vegetable basket.

Even Heat White.jpgFlavor Grid White.jpgFirebox Depth White.jpgFace Design White.jpgCast Burners White.jpgCooking Grids White.jpgIgnition White.jpgKnobs White.jpg

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