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FireMagic Premium Grills

Fire Magic Echelon Series

The Echelon Collection is a gas grill of superior design and engineering. Crafted for cooking versatility, performance and durability to provide everything a gourmet chef could desire. Echelon features include:

  • Cast stainless steel "E" burners - durability to last a lifetime
  • Electronic push-to-light hot surface ignition - lights every time in any weather
  • Halogen 12V lights inside the hood - grilling doesn't end when the sun goes down
  • Digital thermometer - great for precision grilling
  • Rotisserie backburner - turkey, chicken, roasts or any meat you desire
  • Wood chip smoker - with dedicated 2,500 BTU smoker burner
  • Water resistant design - keeps rainwater from getting inside the grill
  • Double walled teardrop style seamless hood - provides the best heat convection

Fire Magic Aurora Series

The Aurora Collection has grills that are built for performance and durability. Aurora features include:

  • All stainless steel construction
  • Solid state electronic ignition system
  • Digital thermometer - great for precision grilling
  • Cast stainless steel cooking grids
  • Stainless steel warming rack
  • Double walled teardrop hood - provides the best heat convection
  • Available with or without Rotisserie backburner

Fire Magic Legacy Series

For Those who prefer the classic features of Fire Magic, we offer our Legacy Series of grills. The drop-in grill is a unique design exclusive to Fire Magic. We have two sizes, The Regal (30"x18") and the Deluxe (23"x16"). We also offer the stainless steel deluxe slide-in model.

ModelCooking AreaCooking Surface Cooking Surface BTUsRotisserie BTUsHot Surface IgnitionElectronic IgnitionLights inside hoodSmoker burner
E1060i1056 Sq Inches 48"w x 22"d 115,000 BTUs  Standard
30,000 BTUs
Yes See Hot Surface Ignition   Yes Yes 
E790i  792 Sq Inches 36"w x 22"d  99,000 BTUs  Standard
23,000 BTUs
Yes See Hot Surface Ignition   Yes Yes 
E660i  660 Sq Inches 30"w x 22"d  75,000 BTUs   Standard
19,000 BTUs
Yes See Hot Surface Ignition   Yes Yes 
A790i  792 Sq Inches  36"w x 22"d   99,000 BTUs   Optional
23,000 BTUs
No  Yes No   No
A660i  660 Sq Inches  30"w x 22"d 78,000 BTUs  Optional 23,000 BTUs No Yes  No No 
A540i  540 Sq Inches  30"w x 18"d 60,000 BTUs   Optional 19,000 BTUs No Yes No No
A530i 528 Sq Inches  24"w x 22"d 60,000 BTUs   Optional 
16,000 BTUs
No Yes No No
A430i 432 Sq Inches 24"w x 18"d  50,000 BTUs  Optional
16,000 BTUs
No Yes No No
Deluxe 368 Sq Inches 23"w x 16"d  42,000 BTUs  N/A  No  Yes  No  No 


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