Woven Patio Furniture


All of our Woven outdoor furniture is made out of either maintenance free resin or aluminum. Now you may enjoy the timeless look of woven furniture without any of the maintenance.

The woven furniture that we sell is made from only the highest quality man made fibers. Soft to the touch, this remarkable material has many benefits including high suppleness, tear resistance, high ultra violet light resistance. The polyethylene based, extruded and through dyed wicker is also completely weatherproof, insensitive to differences in temperature and extremely hard wearing.

In addition, our woven furniture uses a more textured, thicker type of wicker than other manufacturers. Although this wicker is more difficult to weave, it is stronger, more resistant to tension, tearing and splitting. It also wears better and gives a more natural feel. This woven furniture is 100% hand woven, making each item as individual as the person who wove it and every part of the chair is covered in wicker to achieve an exceptional appearance. In addition, they ensure that all weaving is as tight and compact as possible. This minimizes any gaps in the weave showing through to the exposed frame and also ensures the weaving is less likely to sag over time and with use.

"We've never had any trouble with you or your products. Any adjustments needed on installations are taken care of immediately."

Crew Supervisor, Acuff Homes

"You have always done a good job for us and we can always count on you."

Crew Supervisor, Masterbilt Homes