Aluminum Patio Furniture

Woodard, OW Lee, Meadowcraft, Homecrest, Gloster

Aluminum Patio Furniture is a popular choice as it will never rust and may be shaped or cast into an endless array of styles. It is the perfect material to use outdoors and when coated with a baked on, state of the art, powder coated paint finish, aluminum patio furniture will last forever.

Aluminum patio furniture is built from either aluminum extrusions or from solid, cast aluminum. Many of today's designs utilitze both extruded aluminum and cast aluminum. Extruded aluminum is essentially a hollow form of aluminum that is reinforced with inner walls to provide additional strength. Extrusions can be made to a wide variety of shapes and are cut and bent to the shape the furniture design requires. Cast aluminum is created by melting raw aluminum ingets, pouring the melted aluminum into carved molds, cooled and welded. Some patio furniture is made exclusively out of cast aluminum resulting in a very heavy product that is exceedingly stable in windy locations. Some aluminum patio furniture utilizes both extruded and cast aluminum components providing both weight and cost advantages.

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