Colorado Springs Fire Pits and Outdoor Fireplaces

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While an outdoor fire pit can provide years of warmth and enjoyment, there are a few important things you should know prior to making a purchase.

Ignition systems:

All ignition systems will need to be repaired, replaced or at the very least, periodically adjusted.

No ignition system exposed to the elements will work 100% of the time even when serviced annually.

Match light systems:

Have no built in safety feature that will turn the gas off if the flame is blown out by the wind.

Require extreme caution when lighting.

Should never be lit with a standard length hand held match.

We recommend that the on/off control for the gas be behind a locked door.

Flame height expectations:

Gas fires are designed to be controlled and smaller than wood burning fires.

Photographs in literature often depict enhanced fires and may not accurately reflect the amount of fire that the product will ultimately provide.

Modifying components in an attempt to create more fire will void the product's warranty and will create a potentially dangerous situation.


Fire pits should never be installed in exposed, windy locations.

Wind can cause the flames to "jump" outside of the pit.

Wind can direct the fire and heat into components potentially causing them to fail.

We recommend outdoor gas fireplaces rather than gas firepits for exposed or windy locations.

Air flow around the burner and valve:

All gas burning fire pits require that a specified amount of ventilation exist in the structure built around the burner and valve. Please refer to the appropriate owner's manual for this critical information.
The finished fire pits that we sell are not approved to be installed into any additional structure. The finished structure that they are sold with has been tested and determined to provide the necessary amount of oxygen for safe and proper performance.

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